Meet the Models

Anna Model


Anna is 30, lives in Melbourne's North with her spouse (they were married by Elvis!) and works as a researcher in public health at the University of Melbourne. She is passionate about LGBTIQ+ and women’s rights, and is far above the most stylish person Talitha knows, and also the strongest (she can deadlift 110kgs). 

Her typical weekend involves sleeping in and having cuddles with her fur-babies, followed by pottering in the garden and heading to the local markets to get fresh produce for the week ahead. In the evenings you'll find her drinking red wine and eating fresh sourdough with really good olive oil.

Anna usually wears a size 14 to 16.

Height: 168cm
Bra Size: 16DD
Bust:  105cm
Waist: 102cm 
Hips: 114cm

Anna Model


Briellen is 29 and lives in Melbourne's North with her partner and her cat. A qualified lawyer, she works as an intelligence analyst for a government department. She is passionate about refugee rights and tearing up dance floors, one slightly more than the other.

On the weekend you'll find Briellen drinking copious amounts of coffee, seeing friends, or busy with one of the many hobbies she's trying out. After dark she'll be eating pasta, listening to heavy metal, and then tearing up the closest dance floor. 

Briellen usually wears a size 12.

Height: 165cm
Bra Size: 12E
Bust:  TBA
Waist: TBA 
Hips: TBA

Dinali Model


Dinali is 32, and she lives right by Melbourne's CBD with her husband and their Dachshund Vinnie. At the time of writing, she is approximately 78% tea. She works in HR for a government department, and is passionate about making the world a more equal place for everyone. 

Dinali has a great sense of humour and is always making off beat jokes.  On the weekends you'll find her and her husband walking Vinnie down to the local pub for a drink (Vinnie only gets water, but Dinali usually gets beer or a negroni), or eating her mum's homemade caramel pudding.

Dinali is 160cm tall, and usually wears a size 12 to 14


Lottie Image


Lottie is 30, lives right by Melbourne's CBD, and is a psychologist and public servant extraordinaire. She is passionate about psychometrics, and weird or brightly coloured vegetables from the farmers markets. She is very bubbly, loyal, and funny, and loves bad horror movies. 

Her favourite foods are cake and pickles (she hasn't tried to combine them, but she should). Her typical weekend involves sleeping in, drinking chionotto, and scouring the farmers market for weird and wonderful finds. She usually drives a corolla, but can't find the keys, so is likely to be spotted in her partner's subaru.

Lottie usually wears a size 10 to 12 on top, and 12 to 14 on the bottom.

Height: 171cm
Bra Size: 12D
Bust:  100cm
Waist: 71cm
Hips: 104cm

Zara Model


Zara is 32, lives in Melbourne's North with her husband and works as an event producer for a social justice not-for-profit.  She is passionate about  social justice, in particular Gender Equality and Environmental Care, and is really good at making things and hosting parties. She is the most considerate person Talitha knows, and has more puns in her repertoire than even the most committed daggy dad.

Her typical weekend involves hunting for treasures at the op-shop, crocheting, and cooking food for her loved ones. In the mornings you'll find her waiting for her toast to cool before she butters it (weird), and in the evenings you'll find her relaxing with a glass of red wine and a big bowl of pasta. 

Zara usually wears a size 16 to 18.

Height: 168cm
Bra Size: 16DD
Bust:  120cm
Waist: 100cm
Hips: 137cm